Why lepetit schoolhouse?

What We Stand For

Le Petit Schoolhouse is a leading British International Preschool ranked amongst the best kids preschools in Yangon. Le Petit Schoolhouse accepts children aged 18 months to 6 years. We follow the IEYC British Curriculum in conjunction with our very own sensory approach to learning

Rich Program
Sports, dancing, singing, painting and other creative activities, canvas painting, oobleck, child yoga, excursions such as field trips, outdoor games such as sand play and water play and a lot of other activities for an all-rounded education.
Friendly Approach
We love what we do! Our main goal is that children feel good and that they come back home happy and filled with new experience and look forward to spending another day at school. We believe in a safe environment where children feel safe to grow into confident leaders
Foreign Languages
The program is performed in English. We focus on natural language acquisition in a playful and spontaneous way.

Principal’s address

I am honoured that you are considering to be part of Le Petit Schoolhouse. Whenever we have a new child on-board with us, I feel I am personally entrusted with your child’s care and for that, I am very thankful. I have three children of my own and I miss them being babies.

As a mom and entrepreneur, I know how challenging it is to balance work and family and I had found that finding the right school is extremely important for a peace of mind. That is why at Le Petit Schoolhouse, we offer a reliable and professional environment that feels like a home away from home. We understand that the search of your child’s first school is not an easy one.
We provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for your child – that peace of mind – so you can feel good going to work everyday.

Le Petit Schoolhouse prides to be an open and happy place that instils and encourages a child’s love for lifelong learning through engaging and interactive experiences. We aimed to equip your child with a right start to his/her school experience by delivering a quality Early Childhood program that meets the needs and interests to develop knowledge, skills and good attitudes, which lay the foundations for lifelong

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Our Teachers –

Your child’s first teacher plays a very important role in fostering a love for lifelong learning. Every teacher at Le Petit Schoolhouse is handpicked by our management team. Our teachers are carefully chosen not only for their experience but also for their warmth, love and enthusiasm for children. At our campus, you will be able to see how the teachers apply innovation warmth and creativity to help every child develop into a creative and confident learner. I look forward to welcoming you to Le Petit Schoolhouse.
Best Regards
Ms. Ivy Wong
School Principal
Le Petit Schoolhouse