Discover your child’s potential
Le Petit Schoolhouse’s Playgroup Programme is designed to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity. Your child will be immersed in a nurturing environment where they engage in active play, multi-sensory activities, gross and fine motor skills, creative play through music and drama, music and imaginative play and peer connection at their own pace. Your child will be introduced letter recognition, sounds, number recognition, counting, basic math skills, pre writing practices and all the necessary fine and gross motor skills to be ready for Kindergarten. Through group play, they develop social skills and by essay writing help learning to finish simple daily tasks under our teachers’ guidance, playing and negotiating with their peers, they grow in confidence and independence and interdependence
Our Nursery programme aims to capture the excitement and adventure of learning. This is likely your child’s first experience with school and we want to make it a positive and enriching experience for your child.


Nurturing curious and confident learners
In the​ Nursery programme , creative thinking and verbal linguistic skills feature prominently in a child’s learning development. Your child will learn to create and construct ideas, expressing them verbally and socially. They are also encouraged to play and work collaboratively in small and big groups. As their vocabulary and social interactions with their peers and teachers expand, they become more confident learner.​ At Le Petit Schoolhouse, learning flourishes in an active learning environment that fosters holistic child development.


Becoming critical thinkers
Our Kindergarten enjoys a carefully structured programme that is balanced and varied for academic success. The key focus is on developing your child’s critical and logical thinking skills so they can undertake even more complex learning activities such as writing short sentences, addition and subtraction, multiplications and division, number bonds,

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place value, money and patterning and sequencing. We introduce basic 1 and 2 vowel words and beginning reading skills and ignite your child’s love for reading.
All subjects are integrated, allowing your child to understand the connections between individual subjects and make links with the world around them.
Our curriculum includes a wide range topics such as Arts, Geography, History, Literature, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies. We expose your child to many various activities where they develop their communication and problem solving skills, responsibility, respect for others, resolving conflicts in a holistic manner.


Our pre-school enrichment programmes give your child the best head start to Primary school, by building a strong foundation in literacy skills and phonics awareness to help develop reading and speaking confidence. While most preschools focus solely on phonics, teaching words in isolation, Le Petit takes an integrated approach to building reading fluency. We combine phonics with sight word recognition, and teach words
in the context of sentences, paragraphs, verse and storybooks.
Our programmes feature award winning storybooks accompanied by a variety of fun and engaging activities to foster a love for books and reading. Through reading aloud, shared reading and independent reading, pupils are given ample practice to improve reading confidence. Our classes will be conducted twice a week.

Registration fees: USD50
Fees: USD 150 per month.


Who says Math has to be boring? For parents who are on the lookout for fun and meaningful ways to
keep their kids interested, look no further than our mathematics enrichment programme.
Not your typical enrichment centre, the team of educators behind Le Pe
tit recognizes that learning
doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. We use a curriculum that applies heuristic teaching strategies
to create fun and meaningful learning experiences.
Beyond transforming academic grades, we strives to develop students c
reatively, logically, critically and abstractly into independent learners with versatile problem solving skills. Whether it’s giving preschoolers a head start in primary school or prepping children for math challenges in the year ahead, this programme strives to equip little learners’ with a strong foundation and boost their confidence in mathematics problem solving. Using specially designed age appropriate activities, students are encouraged to explore and learn mathematical concepts and skills in a fun manner. As a result, they are able to expand thinking skills in areas like Observation, Visualisation, Analytical, Memory and more. Our classes will be conducted twice a week.
Registration fees: USD 50
Fees: USD 150 per month.
As our class sizes are kept small to ensure every child have their well deserved attention, spaces are limited on a first come first served basis.
Please give us a call or message us if you would like to register and understand more about our teaching